Product Care

Vacuuming regularly.
Dry cleaning.
Do not wet.
Do not use brushes or elements that damage the thread.
Do not expose to the sun
Adult-controlled manage is recommended.

Criteria for choosing the rug

We must take into account the space that is available, the luminosity and the decoration of it.
In large rooms, it is necessary to sectorize with the help of the carpet which must contain the living, dining or room set.
In a medium-sized environment, we recommend that the rug should be 20 centimeters below the main armchair, containing at least the front legs covering, along with those of the other armchairs or sofas.
In confined spaces we advise that the carpet should start with the razor of the chair to give a feeling of greater visual amplitude.
In general we prioritize the choice of designs with smooths patterns, highlighting the plot and great visual effect with light and bright colors.